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“Sad Discoveries,” by India LaPlace, A Christmas Eve Review

{Warning:This review contains explicit content and language. If you are offended by explicit language and content, feel free to not be. Or feel free to skip this review.  I'm good, either way.} “And if I’d learned that, My marriage might have survived, Or, at least, Maybe my dad wouldn’t tell me That I’m the kind… Continue reading “Sad Discoveries,” by India LaPlace, A Christmas Eve Review

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Writing in Blood

On the Love and Hatred of Words Does it sound dramatic? Writing in Blood? Pretentious, even? It might to you. Especially if you’re a writer, professional or otherwise. If you’re not a writer, it might seem somewhat mystical. Writing is not mystical, it’s damn hard work. Now, the use of the word “damn” here is… Continue reading Writing in Blood