Casey Renee Kiser

There’s music to the edge of this sword. A fantastic poet, find her chapbooks on Etsy, and of course, her poetry on HSTQ.

Horror Sleaze Trash

I’ve Lost My Head and Gained Sight

he thought the head he gave
would have me razzle-dazzled
like the others
he thought the head he gave
would make my mind frazzled
when he ghosted
he thought the head he gave
would be all he needed to kill
my spirit one day
let’s hope someone comes
and changes that bulb of his,
that dull, dull light

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Comes full circle, thank goodness…

Writing in Blood

48GoodbyeBlueSky (2)Goodbye, Blue Sky, JAcW Photography©


it is the longest of nights
and there is comfort in
this blanket of black.

it reminds me that we were all once
beholden to it.

and so
i honor this darkness.

when i paint
i start with a black canvas.

when i write
i start with a black page.

i bring in one pinpoint of light at a time
and as your eyes adjust to one,
i bring in another.

soon there’s cohesion in
the daubs of illumination
on canvas, on page, and
if you step back—if you see the whole
of what I raise from my depths—
you’ll feel the warmth of the sun
as it brings your skin
to life with its

promise of dawn.
but first, always—

i honor the dark.

~j.a. carter-winward

work in progress: poems and dialogues
(Coming Soon)

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David Estringel

Lovely start to a Monday–unsettling poetry that speaks to my own inner state. The music of this one grabbed me. Bravo, Brava, Bravx 😉

Horror Sleaze Trash


in my lungs
and poisoned veins,
in (to white)
out (to black),
I see the eye of God—
against the welcoming void
of closed lids…
…that dream?
Is He keeping vigil?
Calling in the loan?

Always attending
His watch, nary a waver,
between the veil
‘til shadows
of angels, wingless
against the blaze of
artificial suns, rouse me
to this world of light
and illusion—the Hell
of my own making,
Was He keeping vigil?
Calling in the loan?

I suppose I’ll never know


Originally published in Alebrijes Review

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