No Secrets by J.A. Carter-Winward

I admit, I had to go back and read the last two lines of the book.

Yeah… they’re hilarious. #IfIdosaysomyself

Shout out to The Gnome Appreciation Society! MWAH!

Gnome Appreciation Society

28441320What Da Cover Says:  No Secrets is the second volume of Carter-Winward’s genre defying writing that is part poetry, part fiction, part memoir and all told with a clarity that does not allow secrets. These short pieces tell us the stories many of us hide, even from ourselves.

What I Says:  Another fine collection by the amazing Queen Mother cunt. (QMC)

The last book I read by the QMC was “No Apologies” a very angry collection, no holds barred, it was really in your face. No Secrets is calmer, it reads like you have sat down for a coffee with her and she is telling you stories from her life, from abusive husbands, sexual conquests, children and religion to some very moving poems about her mum. I don’t think there is a single weak poem in the lot, every single one gets a response from the reader.


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