CentralBook ExPamPedersnoJ.A. Carter-Winward, is an award-winning poet, literary novelist, writer, public speaker, visual and performance artist (music, poetry, spoken word).  She’s the author of five novels—Falling Back to Earth (2010, 2017), TDTM (2010), The Rub (2013), nominated by the Utah Arts and Humanities Council for the “Utah Book Award,” Grind (2014), named by IndieReader.com as one of 2015’s “Top 5 Literary Novels” by an independent press, and Wade (2020). She is the author of two short story collections, Shorts: A Collection (2014), and The Bus Stops Here and Other Stories (2018).

She is the author of an award-winning “No” poetry series—No Apologies, No Secrets, No Regrets—and the author of a stage play, The Waiters (2014).

The recipient of local awards and national recognition for her poetry, fiction, and short screenplays, Carter-Winward’s upcoming projects include a book of poems and dialogues (Work in Progress), a novel, Wade, and a book of poetry and prose written over the span of over 14 years (in-her-rest-less-ness: poems and prose), part of a nation-wide public awareness campaign she spearheaded in 2017 with the release of her nationally recognized and acclaimed short film, How Bad Can Good Be?

Ms. Carter-Winward is currently working on a music-film-poetry series called The Black Box Warning Initiative to help create awareness for the dangers of certain drug-side effects for the FDA-issued Black Box Warnings that are on over # medications on the market today. Ms. Carter-Winward has been a contributing writer for the non-profit Mad in America Foundation’s website, Mad in America and writes for a couple other online awareness sites.

Her work has also appeared in three anthologies: Pain and Renewal, A Poetry Anthology, Vita Brevis Press (2020); Horror Sleaze Trash: Poems (2019); We Will Be Shelter: Poems for Survival (Write Bloody Publishing), HSTQ  Spring 2017, Winter 2017, Spring 2018 and the Spring 2020 editions; Desert Wanderings Literary Journal, and a contributing writer to several online magazines/publications on Medium.com.

J.A. Carter-Winward has been called “one of today’s bravest voices in contemporary literature,” and “one of the best working poets in America today.”  Her writing has the power to comfort, provoke, and engage as she continues to chronicle the spectrum of human emotion with her inimitable, multi-faceted voice.

She lives, loves, and writes in the mountains of Northern Utah.

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