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Connection – #alonetogether

Please enjoy the sample poem below from my upcoming release, and remember--there are more ways to connect than you realize. - J.A.   connection from my earliest memories whether i was with friends or family or just roller-skating in front of my house, waving at passersby in tan station wagons i remember. i remember feeling… Continue reading Connection – #alonetogether

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Blood Trumps Stone – Art in the Time of COVID-19

  So here we are. And art matters even less, doesn’t it? If only all the artists had gone to med school instead, we’d have enough doctors to go around. We’d have enough toilet paper to go around. We’d have enough water, enough cleansers, enough food, enough, enough, ENOUGH. We have enough, though, don’t we?… Continue reading Blood Trumps Stone – Art in the Time of COVID-19