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Writing with the Write Stuff

It’s a question the big-time interviewers ask writers all the time, usually rockstar-writers: “So where did the idea for (insert newest NYT best-selling book title HERE) come from, and why write about it now?” These writers have whatever the answer is down to a tagline: “Well, Oprah, I went to Alaska in 1988 and there… Continue reading Writing with the Write Stuff

The Word, Writers, Writing, Writing in Blood, Writing Life, Writing Process

Writing in Blood

On the Love and Hatred of Words Does it sound dramatic? Writing in Blood? Pretentious, even? It might to you. Especially if you’re a writer, professional or otherwise. If you’re not a writer, it might seem somewhat mystical. Writing is not mystical, it’s damn hard work. Now, the use of the word “damn” here is… Continue reading Writing in Blood