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Getting Blood Stains Out

  Writing in blood means writing with, in, and from your own blood, your own guts, your own self-hood and experience. And every so often, you get sloppy. We all do. So what do you do? How to get blood stains out. Well, it's tough. First, you've got to consider how deep the stain, how… Continue reading Getting Blood Stains Out

"How Bad Can Good Be?", Akathisia, Author J.A. Carter-Winward, Drug Side Effects, Mad in America Foundation, Neurological Movement Disorders, Performance Poetry, Published Articles, Trauma, Writing in Blood

This Is As Personal As It Gets

My article--2 years in the making--because to write of it as it grinds away at me was, in a word, excruciating.  But it's done. It's up. It's out. Watch, share, and help save lives, in the most literal sense. Medical Malignment: A Pogrom of People in Pain Mad in America   Peace to you-- J.A.