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Wade: A Novel

Wade: A Novel

Wade, is now available on Amazon, Kobo, B&N, and wherever else they sell books and e-books.

Thanks to IndieReader for being a trusted arbiter of taste for small, independent presses for over a decade, and for the high praise of Wade.

Back cover copy:

“Except for being the only man in town who had never set foot in either of its brothels, Wade Kendall couldn’t be more ordinary. A retired life-insurance salesman, father of two grown sons, and former full-time caregiver to his wife, who died of cancer just 8 months earlier, Wade now finds himself alone, unable to tread water. In fact, it’s sink or swim, and he’s got no idea which way to shore. As he attempts to connect to his new life and reconnect with his adult sons, Wade finds himself drawn to a most unlikely source of hope-the pink neon lights of the legendary Lil’ Mamacitas. But what Wade finds within the dim, hazy interior of the brothel isn’t at all what he could have imagined, and for Wade and all who join him, nothing will ever be the same.”

I know it’s been a minute, kids, but I’ve been immersed in writing and other projects, but I do have a few words.

I’ve seen some wacky advice to writers coming around since the pandemic forced everyone to at least consider a career in the literary arts. For example:

“Write every day.”

“Keep a journal handy at all times.”

“Keep a pen and paper by the bed.”

“Never give up.”

“Believe in yourself.”

“Read good literature.”

“Write outside of, and challenge, your comfort zones.”

“Read ” ” ” ” ‘… zones.”

“You don’t need the outside world to validate you if you’re a writer.”

All these pieces of advice are not pieces of advice if you’re a writer. They’re a typical weekday, weekend day, morning, noon, and night. So if they aren’t already an intrinsic part of who you are, then MY advice?

Write for fun, write for practice, go for it, do what you love. But quit trying so hard for the job title. It’s less of a title than a constant state of being.

And if that’s not you, that’s not you, and that, my friends, is okay.

Nothing ruins a passion quite as thoroughly as forcing it into a designation the world deems “credible.”

Stay cool and have a great summer!

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