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How to Be a Light

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It’s easy to get caught up in holiday cheer. To get caught in the trappings of the “spirit” of the holidays.

The holidays are supposed to bring out the best in us, but it seems like it brings out the worst.

For many—too many people–the holidays bring with them grief, loss, pain, stress, unreachable expectations, bittersweet melancholy. Sometimes despair and darkness.

You can be someone’s light.

All it takes is stepping out of the clamor, and asking, with sincerity: “How are you– really?” And mean it. Really MEAN IT. The greatest gift you can possibly give, and it costs very little, is you, paying attention.

We are so invested in people responding with “Oh, fine,” that they give us what we want. They don’t want to be a burden. They know you’re busy, rushing to shop for the latest trinket to place under the tree. And we let them say “fine” because we want to stay in our bubbles.

Break out of them. Take the time.

A friend, a stranger, a family member. You have no idea how such an interaction will play-out.

And that, folks, is what they talk about in churches all over the world. The birth of the Son, the sun. The Light of the World is YOU. Is US. Within us, born inside us.

And the gift that story gives us, no matter your belief system, we seem to miss. Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh? They’ve been replaced with packages, gift bags, trinkets.

The central figure in Christianity was born without fanfare or comfort for a reason. The story shows us, from the very beginning, how light is found by wading into the darkness, whether someone you know, or a total stranger, and only for a moment, kneel with them in their despair. The warmth of human compassion is a light to the suffering.

Gold is so very cold.

How do we miss it?

The greatest gift you can give someone, whether it’s this time of year, or any time of year, is a moment of your time and energy to really care, for a brief moment. Let them know they aren’t alone in the world.

You just have no idea the power you have to save a life, in millions of unsexy, unremarkable, yet potent ways.

I wish you all, not “happy” holidays, not “merry” anything. I wish you all comfort, peace, and the humanity, the best parts of you, to come out this season. Then give it away.

Imagine a world where THAT was the most valuable gift. A world where “Black Friday” was not lining up at the store, but at the shelters and kitchens to help. Visiting the sick and infirm. Giving of the vast love you have within you. And unlike the newest tech gadget, no need to update. It won’t ever become obsolete.

It’s the world’s most valuable commodity, and it’s available to everyone in unlimited quantities. You won’t run out. Give as much of yourself away. You’ll be so full, so full of light–you’ll have no other choice but to be a light in someone’s world—if for only a moment.

This is how to Save a Life.

BE the light you want to see, and feel, in the world.

As always, thank you for reading and for the light you are–

Je te vois–

I wish you all peace.







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