David Estringel

Lovely start to a Monday–unsettling poetry that speaks to my own inner state. The music of this one grabbed me. Bravo, Brava, Bravx 😉

Horror Sleaze Trash


in my lungs
and poisoned veins,
in (to white)
out (to black),
I see the eye of God—
against the welcoming void
of closed lids…
…that dream?
Is He keeping vigil?
Calling in the loan?

Always attending
His watch, nary a waver,
between the veil
‘til shadows
of angels, wingless
against the blaze of
artificial suns, rouse me
to this world of light
and illusion—the Hell
of my own making,
Was He keeping vigil?
Calling in the loan?

I suppose I’ll never know


Originally published in Alebrijes Review

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